Snakes in Brisbane

Snakes in and around the Brisbane area

Finding a snake in your home or backyard is never a pleasant experience and unless you are a qualified snake expert you may have difficulty distinguishing what is a dangerous snake and what isn't a dangerous snake.

There are several of both species in Brisbane so here is guide to some you may find to better help you understand snakes in your area.

Remember, most snake bites in Australia are poisonous, especially those from Brisbane area.

Common Death Adder: With a name like that you just know this snake is venomous. The colours on this snake will vary but it usually has cross bands on its body and a large triangular shaped head. These snakes are generally rare in the greater Brisbane area but can be found in the mountainous areas of the city. Ensure pet sitters in Brisbane look at pet safety measures first before taking the pet to the vet.

Eastern Brown Snake: The colour of this snake is usually of a light brown or tanned colour and this snake is extremely venomous so always approach with caution. It is found all across the state of Queensland and can be found most of the time during the day.

Eastern Small Eyed Snake: This snake has a shiny black back with pinkish spots underneath and is a venomous snake. It likes to live in dark areas and under rocks and are generally fairly small.

Black Bellied Swamp/Marsh Snake: These snakes are an olive colour and sometimes grey and can be found mostly in swamp areas or near water. This snake is venomous.

Red Bellied Black Snake: This snake is venomous and isn't as common in Brisbane as it once was. It has a shiny black back and a red/pink belly underneath. Mainly common in the southern parts of the city.

Red Naped Snake: The colour of this snake is generally a reddish colour and it has a mainly black head and band around its neck. This snake is nocturnal and common in areas of Brisbane near the coast. Another venomous snake.

These are only a few species of snake you can find in Brisbane so always keep a look out for other snakes in the area and never try and kill or capture one. Leave that to the experts! Make sure you address pet emergency care if your pet has been attacked by a snake.